Don’t Call Me Out My Name! summer 2020

Iam still reeling from the social media post involving a young African American woman’s reaction to being called, “n — — r!”, while shopping in the neighborhood supermarket. After ten minutes of navigating the situation, she walked away in exasperation. Her only request, “Don’t call me out my name!” To be called outside one’s name, is to be confronted with a derogatory term with deliberate disregard for your preferred designation. When you are called outside your name, your identity is assaulted. Indignation, anger, and exasperation are legitimate emotional responses to this assault…

Mr. George Floyd’s Legacy is my Own

legacy : a gift by will especially of money or other personal property

The connection I have to my loved ones is wrapped in the multi-generational stories which have created a collective identity. My identity stands upon the shoulders of the lived experiences of my grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, father, and mother. Their intertwining stories of military service, achievement, marriages, and births serve as the threads situating me in the world and informing my perceptions of the world. These threads are my family’s legacy. …

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